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At Colebrook Manor (Previously Revelstoke Lodge), we care for people of all ages who may require nursing or residential care. We strive to help our residents feel at home while they're with us and provide 24/7 assistance or nursing care when required.

We welcome family and visitors throughout the day to help our residents feel relaxed and have a variety of activities for them to enjoy. We also provide friendly day club facilities for people in the community wishing to join in our social activities. You can view all details of our upcoming activities here.

Our home has recently been renovated to provide new rooms and facilities for our residents, including a hair salon and areas to enjoy in the gardens. We keep our home clean and tidy to a maximum standard at all times, while also providing excellent care by our many trained nurses and carers. We also have an on-site maintenance engineer to repair any damages, or replace any fixtures when our residents may require.

About Us
About us

We have our own expert inhouse chefs, serving 3 meals daily to all residents with meal choices available, these may be hot or cold meals depending on the choice. Our carers are able to assist with feeding if the resident should require this. Please contact us directly for more information on the food we provide and assistance available, or if you are concerned about allergies.

All of our team are fully NVQ trained and kept up to date with the latest training. Our home is also inspected regularly to maintain the best health and safety, cleanliness and care quality possible.

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