Our Rooms

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Our Bedrooms

Colebrook Manor provide spacious, clean sanitary bedrooms for each resident. We strive to ensure each resident is provided with regular clean bedding, a working television and storage to ensure they have enough space and feel at home with their belongings and surroundings. We aim make sure each of our rooms are cleaned and laid out best suited to the residents requirements and to ensure each resident is fully satisfied with their room.

Our bedrooms range in size although all of the rooms in Colebrook Manor will always looks spacious and bright.

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Colebrook Manor has various lounges for residents to relax, eat and enjoy entertainment provided by our activities staff. Each lounge is kept well decorated and clean at all times. Non-mobile residents are able to ask our carers to assist them to one of our lounges at any point throughout the day, where they can stay for as long as they wish to socialize, join in with games and activities, watch television or simply read some books. Residents family and visitors are also welcome to have their visit within one of the lounges if they so wish.

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Our Gardens

Our residents are able to spend time within our large garden areas if they wish to do so. We are still working on creating better garden features for our residents for the future although we currently have various seating available and plenty of space for a morning walk, or to simply get some fresh air. We also have a patio area accessible via our conservatory which is open to our residents throughout the day.

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We provide our residents with a happy place to stay

- Hayley Mellow, Manager